Mandie Rae

Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce

Mid 20s
5’3” (160 cm)
Body Type:
Petite, pixie like
Body Size:
32B-24-33, Size 2-4
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Below shoulders
Hair type:
Nose stud
Play style:
Erotic BDSM/ med to high intensity Switch
Incalls / Outcalls
City served:
NYC, NNJ, Philadelphia

I’m Mandie Rae! You may have seen me on various BDSM websites and clipstores. I’ve been interested in kink and the adult industry for as long as I can remember. I became enthusiastically involved in the kink community when I was just 18 years old and loved it so much I decided that my passion in life was to help people discover their sexuality. Whatever it is that you have been yearning for, I can be you ultimate kinky companion.

Over the years, people have referred to me as a bratty bottom, a sadistic Princess, sensual seductress, harsh task master, a naughty flirt and an adorable little girl. I am all of those things and many more. How do I see myself, you ask? I am a fantasy facilitator. I want to play with your mind and body. I want to engage in a beautiful energetic exchange with you. Whether you are worshiping me like the Princess I am or laying me across your lap for a spanking like a bratty imp, I relish in our time together. I can promise I am unlike anyone you’ve ever met before, and I can take you to places you’ve only dreamed of.

I am an unashamed Switch! No one can deliver an experience like someone who has full comprehension of both roles. As a bottom, I am very reactive and vocal – crying out when it is particularly painful or whimpering with anticipation. Depending on our energy, I will find myself very cute and playful or deep in subspace trying very hard to be your obedient slut. I love to play with power exchange and crave intense sensations. As a Top, I am a sadist. I like to watch you twitch and jump for my amusement. Despite my propensity for cruelty, I still manage to be warm and caring. Whatever we choose to do together, I promise that it will be an Experience.

I like: age play, humiliation, degradation, edge play, service and obedience training, light to heavy impact, rough body play, slapping, hair pulling, choking, bondage, spanking, punishment, psychological domination, sensation play

My hard limits: genital torture, face spitting, breaking of the skin, B/S, ball gags

NJ incall – $500/hour, $700/90 min, $900/2 hours, $1300/3 hours, $1700/4 hours

NYC incall/outcall – $550/hour, $775/90 min, $1000/2 hours, $1450/3 hours, $1900/4 hours, $3700/overnight