Amber Amante

Sadistic Succubus Domme

Mid 20s
5'4" (162 cm)
Body Type:
Body Size:
34D-29-41, size 8
Eye color:
Dark Brown
Hair color:
Hair length:
Shoulder length
Hair type:
Ears (stretched), nipples, genitals
Play style:
Sensual sub; sadistic succubus dominant
City served:
NYC and travel

Looking for inspiration? You have found your modified muse.

Perhaps the bold black ink adorning my skin caught your eye. Perhaps it was the subtle glint of jewelry catching the light through my dress. Perhaps it was my long legs, accented by sky high stilettos. Whatever it was that first drew you to me, you find yourself truly captivated by how I look at you. My gaze reveals a hunger for the darkest, most depraved of joys. Let’s indulge in those delights together.

The succubus: My lust for power is insatiable. I will bring you to new heights of pleasure…and to deeper pits of despair when I deny you the release you seek. You will be my toy, and I will play with you for as long as it amuses me. You will offer your desire and your desperation to please me, and I will take everything from you and leave you totally spent.

The sadist: I revel in your revulsion, your fear, and your suffering. If it makes you recoil in disgust, do it to make me laugh . If it terrifies you, do it to make me smile. If you hate it, do it to make me moan. I want to be the most beautiful embodiment of your nightmares. I want you flinching and stammering and begging. I want to rip visceral reactions out of your body. You are no longer in control; I am.

The submissive: I yearn to be your perfect fetish doll. Dress me up, and I’ll put on a private show for you; you’ll see just how fun playing with a doll can be. Pose me. Grip my hair and command me. I like it when we play nice, but I love it when playtime gets rough. I shy away from pain play, but I relish a lively power struggle. Let’s find out who’s really the plaything.

I am open to playing with people of all ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, body types, and abilities.

I like (as a Domme): Tease and denial, objectification, G/S, impact play (especially caning and spanking), blasphemy play, body worship, medical play, fear play, edge play

Hard limits (as a Domme): Race play, age play, pet play, B/S

I like (as a sub): Hair pulling, scratching, choking, bondage, sensation play, dollification, G/S, double/group sessions

Hard limits (as a sub): Race play, age play, pet play, B/S, tickling, face spitting, genital torture, electro-play, hard impact play or play that leaves marks or breaks skin

$775/90 min
$1000/2 hours
$1450/3 hours
$1900/4 hours

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